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Ear Exam

Your Search: Physical Exam And Ear Exam

3.5 V Diagnostic Otoscopes

Halogen HPX™ illumination and fiber optics to the distal tip for easy examinations.

MacroView Otoscope

Enhance your diagnostic capability with technology that delivers a bigger, better, and sharper view of the tympanic membrane.

MicroTymp 4 Portable Tympanometer

The Welch Allyn MicroTymp 4 Portable Tympanometer helps you verify otoscopy findings and empower your diagnosis of middle ear conditions with objective evidence.

3.5 V Pneumatic Consulting Otoscope

Product Status: Obsolete. There is no repair/service available for this item. Any available accessories are listed on Parts and Accessories tab.

39500 Series OAE Hearing Screener

Objective hearing screening technology, designed to address the challenges practitioners face when screening young patients for hearing loss—control in testing environment and easy access to patient d...

AM 282 Manual Audiometer

A complete precision audiometer, the AM 282 is a table-top screening audiometer ideal for physicians looking to do fast, accurate assessments.

AudioScope 3 Screening Audiometer

Product Status: Service Only. To view support options, parts and accessories, click through to the product page.

Digital MacroView Otoscope

Help improve patient experience and satisfaction with the Digital MacroView otoscope. Offering clear live and still images of the ear canal and tympanic membrane, this otoscope helps you diagnose, tre...

Ear Wash System

Turn cerumen removal into a clean, quick, safe procedure with the first system to simultaneously irrigate and suction discharge using hydrovac action.

MicroTymp 3 Portable Tympanometric Instrument

Product Status: This product is no longer available for sale. Any available accessories are listed on Parts and Accessories tab.

Operating Otoscope

Open system with rotatable lens and optional speculum for convenient procedures, plus bright light output.

Pneumatic Otoscope

The Welch Allyn Pneumatic Otoscope provides bright, white light output and a rotating lens with ultraseal for pneumatic otoscopy.

PocketScope Otoscope with Throat Illuminator

Welch Allyn PocketScope™ Otoscope with Throat Illuminator is small, convenient, and easy to use with bright, white halogen light and a built-in throat illuminator.

TM 286 AutoTymp Tympanometric System

The Welch Allyn TM 286 AutoTymp is a flexible screener for tympanometry, audiometry, and acoustic reflex measurements.